Mark Fraser-Grant:

Ditto with Gina Hayden. Supporting those of us bringing transformation into the field in gettable ways.

Originally posted on Philosophy Is Not A Luxury:

This will be the final post in this series and it brings the ideas we have been working with together into a model for how human transformation happens.

Human beings change in many ways. We become smarter, we become stronger, we become more assertive, we become more reflective, we become, we become, we become… There is seemingly no end to the ways in which we can improve upon who we are. If we make a category for all these ways of changing we can call them forms of ‘self improvement’.

There is another completely different way that human beings change that I would categorize as ‘human transformation’. The distinction between these two classifications of human change is critically important for those of us who aspire to attain dramatic and lasting change during our lifetime.

The experience of human transformation is one in which the sense of identity itself changes. In…

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