Personal BrandWhen we apply the word ‘brand’ to people we should really be asking for a clearer definition.  At the heart of building people brands, we use the same principles.  Those of self-awareness, understanding our strengths, really getting how we are perceived, making conscious decisions about how best to deliver what it is that makes us successful… and strategic choices about how we put it out there.

Depending on your purpose, the outcomes you are committed to and the role you are in – or want to be in – the really smart stuff is all about consciously causing the effects you want to experience.

The art is in being in action of all of this, whether you are in sales and are looking for better client impact, relationships and the ability to have those difficult conversations – part and parcel of the territory.  And the resulting rise in revenues – afterall, this is how you are ultimately measured.

Or perhaps you are an entrepreneur, a business owner where you clearly are the brand and your bottom line is a direct result of whether people buy into you?

Executives and Leaders may need to focus on both their internal and external impact… And political and celebrity figures, probably the most public of all brands, have a whole array of specific and critical issues to deal with.

People brands – well, let’s face it, we all have one – need to be managed consciously, effectively to produce the outcomes we desire…

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